Nurse who attended to Brenda, Brian narrates what exactly happened

By Vincent Kejitan | Friday, Apr 3rd 2020 at 14:31
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Francisca Akinyi, a nurse at the Infectious Disease Unit – Kenyatta National Hospital, on Thursday came out to clear the air regarding the recoveries of Brenda Cherotich and Brian Orinda from Coronavirus.

Speaking during an interview on NTV, Akinyi stated that it is indeed true that Brenda and Brian recovered from the virus.

“She (Brenda) came on March 11 and the next day her results were out. They were announced on March 13.

“She brought herself to Mbagathi Hospital Kenyatta IDU branch. She came in the afternoon and she used public means,” said the nurse.

Further, she divulged that once Brenda said she had travelled and suspected she could have contracted Coronavirus, she was immediately given a mask.

Asked about the ambulance that was seen outside Brenda’s residence, Akinyi clarified that it was a precautionary measure as they also fumigated her house upon learning she had tested positive.

“Brenda was not picked from her home. She presented herself to the unit [sic],” she said.

Adding: “She boarded a bus from Rongai…we had to receive her as a suspected case.”

Brenda is said to have given names and contacts of a number of people whom she interacted with and they were all tracked down.

All but one tested negative and that his how Patient 2, Brian, came into the picture.

How Brian met Brenda

Akinyi divulged that when Brenda jetted back into the country she held a party and Brian was one of the attendees.

“When Brenda jetted into the country they had a get-together in Rongai. Brian, being a friend to the family, joined them,” she said.

Asked why only Brian and Brenda tested positive despite them interacting with others at the party, Akinyi said different people react differently to sicknesses.

She said it was a bit challenging to handle the patients since it is a new virus and everyone is scared, adding she could not pinpoint where/ how Brenda contracted the virus.

“Brenda said she was seated next to someone who was really coughing on the plane. She might have contracted the virus at that point or maybe when she was in London,” said Akinyi.

Brenda and Brian were declared free of the virus after two successive negative tests.

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