OPINION: Why street families must be included in Coronavirus responses

By Weche Dennis | Friday, Apr 3rd 2020 at 12:40
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COVID-19 has not only posed a major challenge to the normal citizenry but also to street families living within our cities and major towns. 

The outbreak has posed a threat to homeless people who despite various government directives to combat the spread of the deadly virus still remain on the streets. 

Various organizations both governmental and non-governmental are making efforts to bring handwashing stations to these families to ensure their safety but this is still not enough. 

Lack of basic information hinders them from observing certain laid down practices like social distancing which according to the government slows down the rapid spread of the virus.

Until now, the Ministry of Health under the leadership of CS Mutahi Kagwe has not clearly outlined measures they're employing to contain the situation among the homeless families. 

In such pandemics, proper housing is simply a 'health care.' Scientists have confirmed that Coronavirus is a respiratory disease. Just imagine a situation where a homeless person contracts to the virus, under such severe conditions! 

Homeless families are part of the whole

My take, the government through its respective agencies should not only focus on the Transport Industry but also think of other avenues that can spread the virus.

Mind you, when a pandemic hits a nation, the vulnerable suffer most. I believe these families are part of the whole and MUST not be ignored at any cost.

This will not only safeguard their lives but also help combat the spread of the virus. These communities mingle with the rest of  Kenyans. 

The Kenyan government should also identify possible homes for these families by either utilizing available schools or other public facilities.

This will include providing them with proper treatment and instilling of knowledge on how to prevent the spread and contraction of the virus.

The ongoing curfew as directed by the government has also in one way or another affected the normal lives of these families.

The government should consider their well-being during this difficult period.

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