There is no single death that can be attributed to your infection — Uhuru praises Kenya’s first Coronavirus patient

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Apr 1st 2020 at 14:02
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President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday heaped praises on Kenya’s first Coronavirus patient Brenda, who has since recovered.

Through a video call, the President lauded her for her bravery and sense of responsibility in handling her condition.

The President also hit out at established leaders who knew they had travelled abroad but refused to self-quarantine,

“There is no single death that can be attributed to your infection, Brenda. This is unlike others who did not want to quarantine, and ended up infecting numerous other people.

“The people, who infected others were older than you, were leaders, and should have known better,” said President Kenyatta.

Further, the Head of State asked all Kenyans who have COVID-19 symptoms to come forth and get tested saying it would save many lives.

“Follow Brenda and Brian’s example…We can contain the disease. We can treat it and get out of it.

“There is no stigma in telling Kenyans that you have a problem. Isolate yourself as these wonderful kids have,” said the President.

Brenda, who was initially referred to as patient one, said she started feeling unwell three days after she arrived in the country from the US via London.

She added that she developed a cough and after a day of monitoring her symptoms, she presented herself to Mbagathi Hospital.

“Three days after I arrived in Kenya [on March 5], I felt unwell, and suspected that something was wrong. On the fourth day, I took myself to Mbagathi Hospital, where I was tested and confirmed to be coronavirus positive.

“I have been in quarantine for 23 days, and while at the hospital, I received proper treatment. I urge Kenyans, who suspect that they have contracted the disease to come forward, get tested and be confident that doctors would help them heal,” said Brenda.

On his part, Brian said: “I caught the virus from contacting Brenda. Immediately [after] Brenda’s results came out, they [health officers] came for me, and took me to a government facility, where I was tested and results returned positive.

“[I was consequently put in quarantine, and under medication]. As a result of that treatment, I am happy I have recovered. I am telling Kenyans that coronavirus is real, and Kenyans should take precaution,” said Brian.

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