First Kenyan Coronavirus patient speaks

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Apr 1st 2020 at 12:53
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Earlier referred to as Patient 1, the first person to test positive for Coronavirus in Kenya has come forth to share her story.

Brenda, who has since recovered from the virus, stated that she is not sure where she contracted the virus but had travelled to the US on December 19, 2019.

Once her stay was over she embarked on her journey back and made a stop at Ohio and later London.

“I may have contracted the virus in London. A few days after my arrival I started coughing and I decided to watch my body for a day.

“I then went to Mbagathi Hospital where I was immediately given a mask. I underwent various tests and later I was informed that I had tested positive for Coronavirus,” she said.

Brenda, who was speaking to President Uhuru Kenyatta via a video call, lauded nurses who took care of her and encouraged her throughout her illness.

“It was not an easy thing because the nurses were also under pressure since I was the first patient and they had not seen this before, the doctors as well.

Further, she assured Kenyans that the Coronavirus disease was manageable and treatable.

"Sometimes you may show very mild symptoms, just a cough and a headache and as a responsible Kenyan citizen, you should contact the authorities and be confident because they are going to treat you," Brenda affirmed.

She said she had recovered fully and encouraged Kenyans experiencing similar symptoms (cough, cold, fever) to come forth and get tested.

Brian, who had also tested positive for the virus said he contracted it from Brenda and was quickly tracked down by Ministry of Health authorities.

He said he is now feeling much better after two weeks of treatment and echoed Brenda’s message that the disease is curable.

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