Pastor Ng’ang’a says he believes he can use his guitar to implore God to heal Coronavirus patients

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Mar 31st 2020 at 16:31
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Neno Evangelism Centre founder Pastor James Ng’ang’a has asked the government to grant him access to around 20 patients who have tested positive for Coronavirus.

The preacher said he believes he can use his guitar to implore God to heal the 20 and he will not even wear gloves or touch them.

"Ladies and gentlemen this coronavirus should not disturb you. If I was allowed by the Kenyan or world government, I would ask that Covid-19 positive patients be brought to me.

"I would then lock myself inside a room with them, the only condition would be that they would have to believe in Christ. All I'd need would be my guitar. I'd play the guitar and call on God and they'd be healed," he said.

Adding: "I wouldn't even need gloves, I'd just play hakuna Mungu mwingine kama wewe on my guitar and you'd be amazed at how God would work wonders.”

The preacher said only God has power over the virus and given the chance, he would ensure the 20 are healed.

A fortnight ago, the preacher expressed doubts over Kenya’s ability to fight the Coronavirus.

Through a video that did rounds on the web, the preacher said it was ironic that Kenya claimed to be prepared to fight the virus yet some of the world’s superpowers are struggling to contain it.

"Kenya has said that it is prepared to deal with the disease. Are you better than America? Hold your horses.

“Other countries that have experienced it say they have not yet figured it out," Ng'ang'a stated.

Adding: “You claim to be prepared, have you dealt with cancer? HIV & AIDS? Kidney failure?"

On the government’s directive on self-quarantine, Ng’ang’a said it may not be effective especially if the virus is already out there.

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