People are asking for a lockdown yet they cannot obey a curfew — Mutahi Kagwe

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Mar 28th 2020 at 15:23
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Health CS Mutahi Kagwe on Saturday stated that 81 people had been tested for Coronavirus in the past 24 hours and seven had tested positive.

Among the seven were four Kenyans, two Congolese nationals and one Chinese, bringing the total to 38.

Kagwe said all the new cases are in Nairobi, meaning the capital now leads in terms of infections in Kenya with 28.

Asked whether there were plans to put in place special arrangements to contain people in Nairobi or a total lockdown, Kagwe said the word should not be thrown around carelessly as it is worse than a curfew.

“People are asking for lockdown and they are unable to follow a curfew. We need to understand the meaning of a lockdown.

“It is worse…you do not leave your house. The government is doing everything to ensure we do not get to that point,” he said.

The CS emphasized the seriousness of the matter saying even his son and niece are in quarantine.

“Please change your behavior. Do what the government is telling you. It is for your own good.

“The 28 cases in Nairobi have touched on almost all estates. Stay home if you can,” he said.

Adding: “Your neigbour could be positive…the person you are standing next to could be positive.”

Asked about police brutality in enforcing the curfew, the CS said he would not delve into the matter as relevant authorities would address it but asked Kenyans to ensure they are home before 7pm.

Kagwe also pleaded with employers to release their employees early or operate in shifts which will go a long way in decongesting the city.

The ministry is set to embark on random testing from tomorrow and the CS says more positive cases might be recorded thus the emphasis on social distancing.

Kagwe added that he had also been tested for the virus but tested negative.

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