Five social distancing grooming tips

By Brenda Midamba | Thursday, Mar 26th 2020 at 11:17
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I feel like we are in some kind of sci-fi film and nobody is telling me. Do you feel the same?

We all know that it has been a gruesome couple of months ever since the Covid-19 virus first hit the country of China, killing thousands and affecting even more. The global pandemic has technically put the whole world at a standstill, and governments around the world have issued strict ordinances, including staying and working from home and avoiding public gatherings to help curtail the spread of the disease. 

Staying at home, especially if you are not used to it, can make you lose your mind. However, since it is for the greater good, we have to adhere to the rules until we have this whole thing under control.

During this time, it can be very easy to neglect personal grooming, and so today, I am here to remind you of a few practices that must not be overlooked even as we practice social distancing.

(1) Bathing.

I know many can argue that if you are not leaving the house, then you should not shower often. That is not true. Remember to shower every day and keep clean. Also, Covid-19 thrives in a dirty environment, and we wouldn't want that, right?

(2) Brush your teeth

Is that a grin on your face? Have you not been brushing your teeth since you started working from home? Do not overlook this. You are still human who is prone to cavities, decay, bad breath etc. So remember to brush your teeth twice every day to keep the dentist away! 

(3) Oil your skin

This can easily slip your mind easily, especially when you are not leaving the house. However, the disadvantages of not oiling your skin remain constant, whether you are outside and are susceptible to harsh environmental factors or inside the house. Moisturizing is very key in keeping healthy skin. Trust me; it is not the apocalypse; you will still need your glow once we resume normalcy.

(4) Dress up/ change clothes

You do not have to subject yourself to the same dirty cloth from Monday to Monday. Wake up, clean up, dress up with a clean outfit as if you were going to the office or school and start your day as per usual (only this time it's from home)

(5) Exercise 

I came across a meme of someone before and after social distancing and how much weight they had gained during that time. Do not be a victim of that. There are a lot of free home workouts on the internet, some are as short as 5 minutes, and all you have to do is click 'PLAY.' The state of being sedentary is not normal because we were created to be on the go. Exercise regularly if you can.

I hope you stay safe. Remember to wash your hands often, check on your family and friends and, most importantly, use this time wisely to create magic for everyone.

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