David Ndii pens letter to Uhuru over Coronavirus

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Mar 25th 2020 at 15:19
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Economist David Ndii on Wednesday penned a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta highlighting a number of issues regarding how the country has handled Coronavirus so far.

In the letter, Ndii started by faulting the government for not being strict enough, citing a case where a person who flew in from Italy failed to self-quarantine and even interacted with locals.

He then highlighted the government’s unpreparedness in handling passengers who have landed from abroad saying proper quarantine plans had not been put in place.

Ndii also faulted the President for launching an internet service at the height of a pandemic saying the Head of State should have tackled more pressing issues.

“People are worried about food and you call the nation to launch balloons?” he asked.

The economist said the number of ICU beds nationally is also wanting, stating that if the infections get to over a thousand there will be crisis.

Ndii also argued that the government should put in place a ‘lifeline fund’ to protect jobs.

Giving an example of a hair dresser who depends on her craft to earn a living, Ndii said the fund would provide some sort of safety net for workers in such sectors who will be hard-hit by effects of the virus.

“These people have nowhere to run. This is the government’s responsibility just as it provides relief to drought and natural disaster victims,” he said.

Adding: “We want to avoid shortages that could encourage hoarding, heighten social stress and drive up prices. The more businesses we keep alive, the faster the recovery will be.”

Ndii stated that this was the President’s make or break moment saying the decisions he makes during this period will be used to judge him in future.

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