COVID-19: Why I self-quarantined myself

By Osama nasser | Sunday, Mar 22nd 2020 at 11:38
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Due to the state of hysteria sweeping the world in the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19), it spread eerily, leaving behind a large number of victims and a large number of infected people. For me, everything has changed since Kenya announced a positive coronavirus case.

I was thinking and preparing to go to Nairobi from Mombasa a while ago, so the night before the case was announced, I decided to finally book an Airbnb apartment and my flight.

You can tell how unlucky I was, the next day in the morning I thought what to pack and check if it’s cold in Nairobi. When I finished, I opened Twitter as usual, and there it was, our first case was unfortunately announced, now you might be wondering why all the fuzz and the panicking, and it’s just one case, yet.

It is because owing to the fact that I have an underlying condition, I’m HIV positive and I didn’t want to get myself into this kind of risk. I ask everyone else with underlying conditions to take extra precautions, avoid exposing yourself to intensive media coverage about the virus, seek help if needed, and follow the official instructions and resources.

So the same day I cancelled everything, I quarantined myself, and limited leaving home for supermarkets, I have become more eager to eat fruits, and I try as much as possible to make healthy eating.

The rest of my quarantining day is mostly watching TV shows, sleeping, and a lot of eating.

I hope everyone out there is safe, make sure to protect yourself because that will lead to people you love to be safe as well.

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