Kenyans online ask government to provide sanitisers in slums

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Mar 17th 2020 at 15:37
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On Tuesday, Kenyans online put pressure on the government to provide sanitisers in slums as the country fights the Coronavirus.

Earlier, Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna stated that there were three confirmed cases of the virus in the country and three suspected cases.

He encouraged the public to maintain high levels of hygiene but many wondered how this would be achieved in slums where running water is a luxury.

Under the hashtag #SanitizersForSlums, netizens said the govt should provide sanitisers in slums since they are densely populated and it is almost impossible to self-isolate since most of the residents live in single rooms.

They also asked politicians to come to the rescue of their people in areas they referred to as their ‘bedroom’ during political campaigns.

Manyi Watuka: We are all Kenyans and everyone is entitled to proper protection and prevention against this deadly monster Corona. Imagine the kind of living people in the slums face daily to at least put something on the table. The government should give free sanitizers.

Munjiru: So how do we expect people who can’t afford food to buy sanitizers...

Elias: May God protect those in slums. The government through ministry of health should offer free sanitizers to those in the slums…it can be fatal.

Syllas Aimo: Here in Kibra we're only useful when we vote, when they want to demonstrate, they only see our value when it is for their gain, they know how we are crowded, they appreciate our number for the ballot but in case of a problem they totally go silent.

Kwale Gunner: Who is our Jack Ma! Someone to just donate Sanitizers for those in Kibera, Mukuru, Mathare, Kajembe, Gikaria, and all other vulnerable places!

Iraki Cess: We are all Kenyans and everyone is entitled to proper protection and prevention against this deadly monster 'Corona virus'. Let's join hands and support the less privileged in the society by providing them with the required necessities.

Cess: A few months ago, we overheard this politicians calling slums their bedroom others their sitting room. It's time you prove your love for the slums people who cannot afford a smartphone to air their grievances on Twitter. Please, they need you more than ever.

Antidote: I grew up in the slums and I know how life is difficult there, Corona virus is here and soon it will reach the slums and you all know how fast it will spread. Let’s join hands in helping those living in the slums with enough sanitizers.

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