Pastor Ng’ang’a mocks Kenya’s preparation to deal with Coronavirus

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Mar 14th 2020 at 11:29
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Neno Evangelism Centre founder Pastor James Ng’ang’a has expressed his doubts over Kenya’s ability to fight the Coronavirus.

Through a video that has been doing rounds on the web, the preacher said it was ironic that Kenya claims to be prepared to fight the virus yet some of the world’s superpowers are struggling to contain it.

"Kenya has said that it is prepared to deal with the disease. Are you better than America? Hold your horses.

“Other countries that have experienced it say they have not yet figured it out," Ng'ang'a stated.

Adding: “You claim to be prepared, have you dealt with cancer? HIV & AIDS? Kidney failure?"

On the government’s directive on self-quarantine, Ng’ang’a said it may not be effective especially if the virus is already out there.

“May God help us. I hear it kills even doctors…Chinese doctors. Let alone doctors from my village…it will wipe them all out," he said.

Kenya reported its first case of the Coronavirus on Friday and Health CS Mutahi Kagwe said the patient, a 27-year-old lady had landed in the country on March 5,2020.

Speaking during a presser in Nairobi, Kagwe also rubbished claims that Africans cannot contract COVID-19.

“There has been this misguided notion that you can’t get coronavirus because (you’re black). The lady is 27 years and she is black,” said the CS.

When questioned whether the lady was screened at the airport, Kagwe stated that she was screened at all the airports she passed through but did not show any symptoms.

“The lady travelled from Ohio through Chicago through London, and finally landed Nairobi. In all these places she was screened.

“Even in Nairobi, she was screened but all the while she was fine. She didn’t display any symptoms,” he said.

Adding: “We have done all the contact tracing and have all the names including the people who sat next to her on the flights she took.”

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