PHOTOS: Staff at Murkomen’s office surprise him with a birthday cake

By Fay Ngina | Thursday, Mar 12th 2020 at 15:40
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 Staff at the office of the majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen on Thursday, March 12, surprised the legislator with a birthday cake.

Murkomen, who turned 41 today, is seen happily cutting the cake and sharing it with his staff as they sang for him.

The legislator thanked his staff for the surprise and recognized the hard work they put in serving the public.

"Thank you for the surprise, this is amazing. I would also like to acknowledge your commitment in serving the public and dedication in delivering our mandate. I appreciate it!" Murkomen said.

Kipchumba Murkomen, who is the current Senator for Elgeyo Marakwet, was elected in 2013 after he won on a URP ticket against the late Nicholas Biwott.

In 2017, the legislator was re-elected on a Jubilee ticket after defeating the former Inspector General of police David Kimaiyo during the general election.

In the past couple of weeks, the Senator threatened to oppose the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) should it fail to capture the aspirations on Kenyans.

"If the final BBI report doesn't capture the aspirations of the people of Kenya and a referendum to amend the Constitution is organised with a draft that limits the sovereign power of the people or create tribal positions or undermine devolution, I will oppose and lead the NO Team," he said.

He has also urged other political leaders to stop lying to Kenyans that the BBI will solve the country's economy.

"We were elected do that we can help solve issues of the public. Money was allocated to do so, therefore stop lying to Kenyans that the BBI will solve the economy," said Murkomen.

In addition, the legislator also urged other leaders to stop disrespecting the Deputy President William Ruto. Speaking during an interview on JK Live, Murkomen said that those who feel the DP is a burden should resign.

"Any person in the Jubilee administration who feels that William Ruto is too much of a burden for him to work with in this government should resign because William Ruto is not a visitor in the Jubilee administration," he said.

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