Ruto is slowly falling into a trap — Herman Manyora

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Mar 12th 2020 at 15:03
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Political analyst Herman Manyora has opined that DP William Ruto is slowly falling into a trap set up by team Kieleweke.

Speaking to a local news website, Manyora stated that Ruto is being pushed to say things that will make lose popularity in Mt Kenya and this might work against him.

Of late the DP has lashed out at the ‘system’ suggesting there is a scheme to eliminate him.

This was evident during the burial of the late Kipyegon Kenei where Ruto said the DCI’s office was being used to tarnish his name.

Manyora stated that the conferences (both for and against) him were also giving a clear picture of the leaders who are on his side and it may work to their disadvantage.

"Tangatanga are falling into a trap. Ruto is being pushed to say and do things that will make him lose favour with the mountain by painting him as opposing Uhuru, and he is falling into the trap. 

"When he says or does these things, Uhuru will go to Mt Kenya and tell the people, you see, this is why I cannot work with this man.

"These press conferences also allow Uhuru and Raila to see exactly who is standing with Ruto so that they can begin to isolate and attack them," he remarked.

The political analyst also suggested that Ruto will face constant attacks until 2022 and by then he will probably be tired.

On impeachment talk, Manyora said this would not be a prudent move because it would only make the DP more popular.

On Wednesday, lawmakers allied to the DP criticised a meeting held at Serena Hotel by a group they described as being “pro-Raila and pro-BBI”.

They said that such forums were organised ostensibly to discuss the BBI process, but in reality they were intended to paint Ruto as being disrespectful and disloyal to Uhuru.

The MPs also claimed there is a meeting planned for today by the ODM bosses and their ‘side-kicks’ that is meant to discuss an impeachment motion against Ruto.

They dared the conveners to table the motion in Parliament and vowed to shoot it down.

 “We are not afraid of an impeachment; they should have brought it yesterday. Let them come and face us in this battle,” said Nyali MP Mohammed Ali.

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