Why do women prefer 'bad' guys?

By Bernice Mbugua | Thursday, Mar 12th 2020 at 14:37
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A woman is hard to understand. One time she wants the good guy, another time she wants the freaky guy and sometimes the bad guy. What do girls see in bad guys? That toxic guy, she always runs to, the life at the party and not the lovey-dovey, understanding and always there for you kinda guy. This has seen most good guys gone bad, all to fit into their fantasy and sometimes or, most of the time, heartbroken. Are you eager to know? Then let's get right to it.

They want to have fun

As the song goes, bad boys ain't no good, and good boys ain't no fun. Some girls long for the thrill, the risks, the hurting words and most especially the fun. One fight and everyone is yelling at each other, as opposed to sitting down and talking like two mature adults. They want to create a scene and get dramatic cause there's room for that. Where do you take your frustrations if the good guy agrees with everything you say? That would definitely be a weird scenario. Adding to that, bad boys usually have the body, I mean they go to the gym at least half of the week and very many impressing tattoos, why would you resist them? One look at them and you already want a piece of them; they give you the chills and the thrills.

They will text you 3 am in the morning, and you will reply as fast-acting like a 17-year-old teenage girl in love. The good guy will encourage you to sleep early, will say all the right things that will make you happy enough, but dude! This girl wants that text that will make them produce a smile or laugh that will have them look around to see if anyone has seen her smilingly so stupidly. To spice it up, this shawty wants some fun; they don't want a guy that limits their alcohol consumption or the party pooper. You only live one they say. Some girls get bored with the bad guys.

Better the devil you know than the angel you don't know

As you would expect, bad guys put their bad traits out in the open, but for a good guy, you just have no clue. A good guy may not cheat or have poor communication, but there's that one thing that you never saw coming. Maybe he's just so insecure, he gets mad when he sees you with any male gender, or he doesn't like it when you hang out with your girls. Maybe you find out that he is a psychopath or one day he decides to hit you and that will just make you have a blow of your life. She prefers the bad guys cause maybe they're not hypocrites; girls love surprises but not this kind!


There might be more reasons, but these are the main reasons, and while some prefer these bad guys, some girls are a bit hesitant, and they are all about the good boys. Here are some of the reasons why:

They want peace

Well, while some want the drama, some have had enough. They don't want to worry about anything. They want a guy who blows them good morning texts, a guy who normalizes taking them out, one who surprises you with gifts at times, quite religious and doesn't leave you. She wants him to get involved in her affairs, a faithful guy, what you would typically call a family guy.

They're a whole hurricane, no need for more

With all their drama and madness, they want a guy who will be able to handle all that, they don't want more drama and madness. So a good guy gives them comfort as opposed to a bad guy. Where's the need for more drama, I have enough for both of us!

They've had enough with the bad guys

It might be that her first love was a bad guy, and he hurt her really bad. The second one too and the third one and maybe the fourth. She has lost weight, and she has had enough emotional distress; she cannot bear it anymore.


There might be girls like me who have had a fair share of both and want a mixture of a good and a bad guy. Maybe a bad guy with a good heart or religious, maybe a good guy with a little fun or freaky. Dear guys, girls have their preferences, so don't try to be something you're not. There'sThere's someone out there for everyone, they say.


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