Why you should eat an organic and heavy Breakfast

By Hobson Mlati | Thursday, Mar 12th 2020 at 10:26
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Since I started working, I thought of changing my daily food consumption routine. Not because I was not earning enough money but because I had to keep fit to impress and not get bored at work. Being a bachelor, I would take a simple breakfast, normally tea with bread, which would hold me up till I reach my workplace. For the rest of the day, hunger would consume me and had to spend more. I realised the kind of breakfast you'll have would affect your day. So I tried to change and found out a natural food breakfast worked a great deal.

I would wake up, make pancakes, chapati, rice, or porridge and tea. But most importantly, my breakfast would be accompanied by salt. I realised our bodies need lots of salts because we excrete lots of them from sweat and urine, thus being weak, so I balanced my salt and sugar levels.

You know when you visit the hospital for random checks, the doctor would encourage you to eat fruits. I know it’s hard to eat fruits at lunch or evening. I recommend you to eat an orange in the morning to facilitate excretion, it helps a lot you won't have frequent burping and eases a long rough call.

An organic breakfast has lots of advantages:

1)Hunger Management: when you are full in the morning, chances of being hungry are minimal compared to having soft breakfast.

2)Anger Management: I know most people in the office would agree with me on this. When you are hungry, the chances of being angry with other colleagues are very high. Try an organic breakfast and find yourself balancing your hormones.

3)Productive: with research, it has been found that a healthy breakfast leads to a productive start of the day to the end of the day.

4)Saves money: instead of having a soft breakfast and spend more on frequent snacks at the office, what about a natural heavy breakfast and save yourself some cash.

These are just some of the examples I have sampled today. Please mention some of the advantages that you think you might get after trying the heavy breakfast method in the comment section below.

I would recommend having a cup of tea or porridge accompanied by rice, chapati or pancake, and lastly, a fruit.

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