Free time on campus? Here is what to do

By Mutai Kelvin | Tuesday, Mar 10th 2020 at 12:48
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Campus students are the ones with the freest time, arguably. A student might attend at most fifteen classes in a week with a lecture going for four hours at most. You can imagine what they do for the rest of the time. Do they study? Do they sleep?

Some of the students end up wasting the precious free time while others use it to build themselves. Some sleep until late in the day or spend the whole day on bed-busy scrolling on their phones. Is this laziness or a stage?

Here are some activities they can engage themselves in and make use of the long weekends, and for students, it is not Saturdays and Sundays.


Yes, climb on those rocky hills or mountains. You get and entertain yourself as well as do some sort of exercise. It's fun, but this needs some sort of energy. Be sure to carry some energy drinks and foodstuffs. Do it as a group as it will be more fun.

2. Visit the less-fortunate.

Save that little amount of money you could have used to stuff some expensive beer, wines or spirits and go to that orphanage home. Create a group of at least five people and go have fun with those children. Making someone smile is a big thing. Do this, and wait for your blessing.

3. Go mentor the young ones.

Visit those schools near you. Talk, encourage, and inspire those children. Preferably go to high schools as they are likely to understand and interact with you easily as a youth. You could be the angel. You never know.

4. Make money.

Who said that on weekends we should spend going out and not make money instead? Do those online jobs, part-time jobs, or get hired. Start making money now, and be independent. Manage yourself with that money you get.

There are many other activities. Think about them. Like 'parte after parte,' these activities are also enjoyable. Remember, youth is a stage, like smoke when it goes, it never returns.

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