My Experience: How office relationships kill dreams

By MONICAH WAKIINI GITARI | Tuesday, Mar 10th 2020 at 11:01
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In most companies, office relationships are highly discouraged. While some companies may install strict policies on how to go about office relationships, others basically condemn such kind of relationships, which may even threaten one’s jobs.

However, this is only in the case where the company has already started, and there are policies put in place. What about those companies which have just started and have considered giving jobs to fresh graduates?

When I graduated from campus, my EX-boyfriend found someone who wanted to start a business, and he recommended me to take the job. Due to circumstances that led to our break up, I had initially declined to take the offer, but eventually, I agreed. Being a mum to a preschool kid who would have wanted to join a good school, I needed to try taking that job to support my son.

I was called for the interview. To my surprise, we were just two ladies in a building that was still under construction. I was filled with fear thinking that this was a setup that my ex-boyfriend wanted to take revenge on me.

However, a young man finally came, he interviewed us, and two weeks later we both came for the job. We had worked for some time when I noted the difference in our work relationship since the BOSS had started pursuing me in such a way that was not appropriate.

I played hard to get since I would do anything to protect my dignity and to keep my relationship with the father of my son safe. Being a believer also prevented me from having a romantic relationship with my boss.

Since there were only two ladies in the office, he definitely tried the other lady. I started noticing some changes in the office. The lady was supposed to be reporting to me and bring everything to me for approval, but now she was directly contacting the boss. I knew there was something wrong.

After three months, I was demoted as the account assistant and was given the duties of a front officer in the name of a Branch Team Leader. As for the other lady, she currently does nothing but watching movies in the office.

The only thing that is left for her is to keep a record of the days you come late, the number of times you take personal calls, all complaints you make about the boss, and every other detail. Now the boss is always angry with me.

I am on the verge of losing my job not because I am not carrying out my duties but because my boss is flattering with my colleague. Should I consider quitting and go out there and survive? And what are you going through because of your dear colleague?

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