Uhuru’s second term has been a fail — Moses Kuria

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Mar 7th 2020 at 15:22
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Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria on Friday tore into Jubilee Party’s second term in office saying it had failed to execute anything worth mentioning.

Speaking during an event that was attended by DP William Ruto in Kandara, Murang’a County, Kuria said that Jubilee delivered during the first term but had been derailed by BBI talk and other issues in the second term.

Appearing to take a swipe at the President’s backing of the BBI, Kuria said he would only support the document if it is meant to serve Kenyans and not to create positions for some politicians.

"All the work that you see here happened over the first term of Jubilee's administration. That's when we built these technical institutions, that's when we connected electricity when we built roads and implemented free maternity.

“All that happened during the first term, not the second," he said.

Adding: "Do you see any development in the country now? There's no progress coming from that house, even a rat can't find something to eat. This term is utter nonsense, a complete waste.

"All the people you see here are just out for their own self-interest. I don't have a problem with BBI, I have a problem with a BBI that seeks to fix politicians in certain positions. It is this BBI that I reject and I will continue rejecting it even if it costs me my life."

Kuria also vowed not to be part of a team that will take ODM leader Raila Odinga to State House.

“Raila Omolo Odinga, even by the threat of fire, will not be our chosen elect. He who has ears should listen now: this pre-determined BBI of forcing leaders upon us we reject.

“A BBI that will unite Kenyans, we will accept but for all the rest: they [BBI proponents] should forget them as they forgot how to suckle breast milk."

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