Churchill show comedian beaten up after prank goes wrong

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Mar 4th 2020 at 15:48
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Churchill Show comedian Nicki Bigfish was on Tuesday beaten up by ‘bouncers’ after his prank went south.

Nicki, who is part of the Ribcrackers group, stated that he was given a thorough beating by his prank victims who were offended by his actions.

“Bad day in office. Got roughed up by some angry guys, my security team did respond though not swiftly as they should.

“I’ll be back soon. Keep me in prayers,” he said.

Nicki is said to have made fun of the puffed bodies of the security personnel but they were irked by his actions and quickly pounced on him.

''I was only pranking them and it was out of script but they did not realise it was a prank. One guy held my neck and wrestled me down as the other one kept beating me up.

“My brother tried to rescue me but he was pushed away,'' he was quoted by a local publication.

For a long a time Nick has been part of a crew that pranks individuals in the CBD and other areas.

His team also frequents leisure parks to prank unsuspecting Kenyans all in the name of a little fun.

While others appreciate what he does and laugh off the pranks by waving to the ‘hidden’ cameras a few individuals take offence.

He also said he would share the video of the prank that went south but by the time this article was published he was yet to share it.

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