The "heart" of a relationship

By Sarah Muthoni Njoka | Wednesday, Mar 4th 2020 at 11:18
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If you take out the heart of a person from the body, can that body function again? It cannot. The body will be functionless. So what makes a relationship different?

Communication is the “heart” of a relationship. Take communication out of the relationship, and you will have killed the poor thing.

No relationship can survive without communication. The two parties are never faultless and are bound to mistakes. The mistakes should never be left unaddressed because, in many cases, the mistakes committed by one party end up hurting the other party.

Many people think that once you commit a mistake and be silent about it, the partner will sleep over it and let it slip. This is a big misconception.

If my partner does something that offends me, I expect them to realize their mistake and apologize for it. That is the only thing that will allow me to forgive and try to forget the whole thing. If you do not apologize and I try to act normal, the war is not over.

The mistake remains recorded in my heart, and this when you see a person exploding at one time for no good reason. It is because, at some point, the heart becomes too heavy and cannot carry all the recorded mistakes anymore. When at fault, partners should be ready to apologize.

There are positive days that also require communication. It is amazing to talk about our plans instead of acting like two different parties who have different lives. In one way or another, two parties in a relationship are connected and owe each other respect.

Relationships are made up of two individuals who are ready to make each other’s life easier, better, and worth living. The individuals end up being what they make each other.

Parties to a relationship need to complement each other when things are right and encourage each other during tough times. It is also important to get out of the house and talk about your relationship now and then.

When one plants a tree, they have to keep it nourished by providing it with water and other essential minerals to ensure it flourishes. Similarly, for a relationship to flourish, it has to receive nourishment from communication.

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