Mandera County Governor urges staff to keep off their offices amid security concerns

By Nzioka Justin | Wednesday, Mar 4th 2020 at 10:09
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County boss for Mandera H.E Ali Roba on Tuesday called upon his staff to stay away from their offices, owing to insecurity.

Mr. Roba's directive came a few minutes after the County Commissioner Mr. Onesmus Kyatha gave a reassurance that all was well.

The tension was high on Monday after clashes by the Somali military forces in Bulahawa, which neighbours Mandera.

He noted how the Somali military forces were risking the lives of residents.

"I have asked all county employees in Mandera town to leave their offices as we continue to monitor the security situation here," said Roba while confirming the directive.

Additionally, governor Roba added that all departments were to remain non-operational, apart from health and fire brigade.

The governor pointed an accusing finger to the Central government for the feuds between the Somali federal government and the Jubbaland forces on Monday. He called upon the speedy removal for Jubbaland security minister from Mandera to ensure calmness.

The minister in question entered Mandera on January 30, having escaped from Mogadishu, where he had been locked since the end of August 2019.

He is allegedly being accommodated by a local military camp, where some of the forces associated with Jubbaland state are said to be camping after having withdrawn from the Monday wrangles.

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