Kimani Mbugua blames anger issues for SDA slur

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Mar 3rd 2020 at 10:24
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Citizen TV reporter Kimani Mbugua has apologized to the Seventh Day Adventist Church for branding it a cult.

Mbugua blamed the slur on ‘anger issues’ saying he would seek help to deal with the problem.

Further, he vowed to pull down all the posts that attacked Adventists and sought God’s forgiveness.

“My sincere apology to all Adventists, I have spoken to many friends and family and I know the pain I've caused you guys.

“I shall seek help to deal with my anger management issues. Am sorry for all the hurtful things I said,” he wrote.

Adding: “I was angry and I will attend Maxwell SDA and issue an apology to all Adventists next Saturday. I hope you guys find it in you to forgive me for the pain I've caused I know it's hard but I humbly seek your forgiveness. I was just an angry young man seeking answers, I will seek help to deal with all the anger issues am going through. May God forgive me for speaking against His anointed.”

In his rant, the reporter said he was raised as an Adventist but he had question marks.

“I was born and raised SDA and now I know that SDA is not a church, [it] is a cult. Hear me out as someone born and raised that way, this is the only thing I have known for about twenty years of my life,” said Mbugua.

“There was a path for me and I followed it diligently. And I am not saying these things from a point of ignorance, I have read every book and I am willing to sit down with anyone with an open mind,” added Mbugua.

“A lot of people who went to [school] with me knew me as that guy they did not want to hang around because I was so anti-everything. I was anti- hugging, anti-sex, I even found it hard to imagine that I would have a wife one day and have sex with her,” he said.

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