Modern day relationships: Should a woman pursue a man?

By Faith Okello | Monday, Mar 2nd 2020 at 14:32
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This is such a controversial topic at this time and age, but how about some useful insight from this relationship guru. From back in the olden days, the traditional view was that the man was always supposed to pursue.

Not once have I had my grandmother narrate to me a scenario of when a lady was required to pursue a man she really desired. It was always upon a man's head to go after the woman he considered beautiful, attractive, and a good fit as his wife.

Today, I hear all sorts of stories centered around 'go after your man' and 'if you like him, crown him' and so many others.

But allow me to take a moment and defend the traditional view of pursuing. The male mind is very different from how the female mind is structured.

Naturally, a man is a hunter, and his proposition is to always go after the things that attract him, and that is why a man's greatest fulfillment is in his career and how much he can make.

That is why, even in the Bible, the curse God gave him was sweat, labor, work, and toil, which in totality defines what life is to a man.

So in his mind, he will only treasure and value what he works for, what he sweats for, and what he has to toil for.

We can, therefore, imagine him like a lion, and you can just imagine how weird it would be for another animal to chase a lion, the lion could simply devour it without any effort at all, and all the animals would just wonder.

That is just how it is when women pursue; most of the time, it either leads to you being in a relationship with a guy who shows zero to zero interest in you, or he decides to misuse you or you just end up wreaking of desperation and scare him away.

A lady's heart is so pure and such a nurturing spirit. Ladies were literally created to nurture, bring life, and produce. That is what God created us for, but again, God is not controlling or a dictator and therefore gives us the freedom to make our own choices.

Dear Ladies, you are a gem, God's own favored, and whoever will find you will obtain favor from the Lord so let men do what they were created to do, please let them pursue you.

Do not let anyone steal your femininity that you were meant to be pursued and feel all the emotions that come with it.

You can never lose what God has for you. A man who cannot pursue you may not know what he wants, and most of the time you do, but that's a story for another day.

Stay Blessed!

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