The prayer of a heart broken lady

By Immaculate Ajiambo | Monday, Mar 2nd 2020 at 09:33
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Dear God of love,

Thank you for creating me. Thank you for the woman I have become. My body has grown into the feminine shape. I am beautiful, and my killer smile crowns it all. I am grateful that I got the best education my parents could afford. The job you blessed me with, is worth it, at least I have something to work on in accordance with your will upon me.

Father, your son, heart broke me. He came to steal my peace, destroy the good you have done in me, and kill my spirit. Our parting was bitter. He discouraged me from pursuing further studies for marriage. I cannot recall a single day he was stingy. He is super handsome and has photographic skills. Many ladies would die for him as I did. Your son taught me how to be time cautious as well as being aggressive. I loved him.

I have done my best to guard my body. Help me, Lord, to guard my heart. You constantly remind me that your peace will guard my heart and mind. I no longer want to fall for sweet names, faces, and compliments on these corridors of relationships. Shield me from fantasying secret attractions in the name of crushes. Uphold my memories from the memories of ghosts in the name of Exs, it is over, and it is over. As for your son, help him stick to his marriage, which he never told me of. I allowed him into my life because I loved him and was naïve.

I am your priceless creation. I value myself, Lord.

Please send me a man of my destiny—a man who will support my vision and dreams. I know who I am, what I want and where I want to go. Let him complement me because I am only complete with you. Let him add no sorrow to my life because my happiness does not depend on him or anything material.

My provider, send me a man who will lift me up in prayers—a man who will help me in my spiritual growth and not just physically, economically, and academically. I want a true prayer partner who will fear you and your commandments.

Send me a man who is agreeable and receptive to progressive thinking. He will know how to draw boundaries, especially when it comes to choosing his mbogi and the memes to share. One who will stand his ground and disagree with me on some issues in spite of his love for me so that I stay informed.

Like David, your servant, I refuse to settle for halves. I deserve the best. Because out of my heart will flow the issues of life.


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