Migori mother puts daughters on sale for Sh400k, says she is burdened

By Fay Ngina | Friday, Feb 28th 2020 at 13:38
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 A mother in Migori county shocked residents after putting up her two daughters for sale on Wednesday, February 26.

According to Nation, the 23-year-old mother claimed she was overwhelmed with the responsibilities of raising the daughters after their fathers flee.

The woman says she sired the two children with different men who left her to raise the kids alone. One of the daughters is four years, and the other one is two.

She has now opted to sell the daughters for Sh400,000 and buy land where she will settle with her male children.

“I have been through difficult situations with these children after siring them with different men. I have decided to sell the young girls for KSh 400,000 and buy land where I can settle with their male siblings,” she said.

Before settling on the decision to sell her daughters, the mother claims she tried asking for help from well-wishers, but no one came to her aid.

She says they have been living in makeshifts, and there are days they would sleep without eating any food.

“No one seems to welcome me anymore. I lack shelter, and I have been living in makeshifts with the children and sometimes going without food. I would be very happy if I get someone to buy my two daughters,” she added.

The woman was, however, picked up by police and taken to the Migori police station.  

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