Netizens call on President Uhuru to take action on coronavirus

By Babu Tendu | Friday, Feb 28th 2020 at 12:41
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Kenyans on Friday, February 28, 2020, took to social media and asked the President to act fast amid coronavirus fears in the country.

Through social media, many questioned why the President was silent as top government officers were rumored to have unprocedurally let a flight from China allow Passengers into the country.

Many stated their concern to be, mainly, in the country’s inability to contain the virus should it break out in the country.

Others expressed their fears as they claimed they were unprepared financially to deal with the pandemic.

Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi described admitting Chinese Nationals without any medical precautions as criminal negligence and stated that it is punishable by law.

He further blamed Impunity from prosecution for the alleged wrongdoing by senior government officials.

“Admitting Chinese Nationals without any medical precautions is obviously CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE under the Penal Code, Chapter 63 of the Laws of Kenya...but since IMMUNITY from prosecution is a BENEFIT under the terms of employment of public servants in Kenya, IMPUNITY GALORE...”

The majority of Kenyans online suggested that the President should make protecting the country against coronavirus his first priority.

Nyambura - Dear president Uhuru Kenyatta if you really won’t get to listen to the plea of the people on Coronavirus then the kind of uproar that can emerge will be one of a kind that this nation has never seen before. We can't be welcoming death just like that, our lives are too precious.

Nicholas Oseko - President Uhuru Kenyatta has been fighting corruption since 2013 eight years later he has never achieved even 10% progress just wondering how will handle coronavirus.

George Onsase - Mr. President we no longer ask for good infrastructures, good roads or stadiums, kindly you must be keen on this coronavirus issue. We only demand good health to enjoy our poverty.

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