I might decide not to be on the ballot in 2022 — DP Ruto

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Feb 27th 2020 at 12:32
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Deputy President William Ruto has said that he might decide not to vie for the Presidency in 2022.

Speaking during a memorial service of Mama Josphine Wambui ‘Watandi’ Kimotho in Lanet, Nakuru County, Ruto said all the drama being experienced in political rallies is irrelevant and will just serve to polarize the country.

“There has been a lot of propaganda in the press. Those behind it are worried that I will vie for the presidency.

“Let it be known that I may decide not to vie. There is no need for all this drama,” he remarked.

Further, the DP noted that leaders should focus on ensuring there is peace in the country since life must continue after the election.

“In 2022 there will be elections and there will be Kenya thereafter. People should calm down.

“It doesn’t matter whether I will be on the ballot or not. Whoever will win or lose, our goal should be lasting peace,” he said.

Leaders allied to the DP recently failed to show up for a BBI rally in Narok as they cast aspersions over the intentions of the pro-BBI team.

Some argued that the BBI talk is being used to position ODM Party leader Raila Odinga as a candidate in the 2022 election.

Odinga, on his part, has strongly denied these claims saying the BBI is meant to unite Kenyans for a more prosperous future.

Through his remarks ‘Nobody can stop reggae’ Baba has maintained that the BBI train has left the station and no one will stop it.

Ruto, however, stated that if the ‘train’ will be used for selfish interests, he will stop it.

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