Here's why men cheat

By Ben | Thursday, Feb 27th 2020 at 09:17
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I had this conversation with my brothers a week ago as to why men cheat. A lot was said I can't even explain now. But from my personal and elaborate study, I want to say men cheat because of importance.

From the Bible, men have always been made so important, like they can do no wrong. Most of what they do is in the right. I mean, look at the case of Solomon. How many wives and concubines did he have, and yet he was tagged the wisest man in the Bible.

A scenario like this, and as the world continues to develop with these mentalities of a man being at the top and can do whatever he pleases, gives them the right to cheat and honesty get away with it.

If I am to be honest, 95% of men cheat, argue with your ancestors. Either doing the main act or thinking and planning it in their head while looking at another woman.

You can say its selfishness, but all of that falls into the circle of the importance man has been created into.

Do women cheat too? Absolutely. But ratio to men is very small because, again, back to the core, women have been seen to be weaker and lesser vocal when it comes to sex. They have been seen and described never to be comparable to a man and not have the same right as a man.

So if a man cheats on you, you let it because he has the right and you don't. That's is why when people talk of feminism, I laugh because a lot of people do not even know exactly what feminism truly is.

Feminism is not about equality, it’s about importance. The woman wants to be seen and perceived as important as the man. I rest my case here because I can go and on for days.

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