Life is not a race, run at your own pace

By Ben | Wednesday, Feb 26th 2020 at 14:01
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I am literally in limbo right now and have no clue what I'm doing in life. Adulting is hard.

Growing up, we all had this best kind of life all planned out. We wanted to graduate at the age of 22, get our first job at least for my friends and me, that was our dream. Travel the world and get married at the age of 30. Marriage was a great deal for us—a typical African man will date to marry, not for fun.

That was not the case, though; life has a way of dragging you behind. I'm turning 28 in a few months’ time and have barely achieved any of those. Everyone my age and younger look like they are doing things that I am yet to achieve. Even if it’s as simple as a house, car, or buying an apartment.

Sometimes you start your dream job, and you are all excited about it, but one day you just wake up and be like 'damn do I have to go to work today?' And you just feel like you are in the wrong profession and need to change careers, but many people don't have the opportunity to do that and end up being miserable for the rest of their working life.

Lose, grief, finances, self-image; they can all be so hard on you sometimes. Life just throws some things at you, but it takes time and self-reflection to learn and grow from these experiences. But we all need to learn from all these challenges and actively take steps to get better.

If you have been through this rollercoaster, I just want to let you know that life is not a race, move at your own pace. It actually takes time for anything to materialise.

You will always have that up and down motion, but just know that you have to go through that in order to grow personally as well as to change perspectives.

In addition, all the people who may get stuff before you may already have the sorts of people who have helped them move forward. However, when the good stuff comes in for you, you will have a better handle of it than people who were there before you. They will even be asking your feedback or input because you will make it all seem easy.

As per races and comparing yourself with others, I know that it's hard, but we all need to run our own races no matter how hard it can be. Being yourself and continuing in your journey will serve you well. Also, when you feel stuck as per inspiration in terms of how to progress, go out there and see how others do things, and access what business opportunities are out there. Sometimes outside your environment is where you easily access the contacts which you didn't have before. By gaining different perspectives and making new plans, you will bring in something fresh. And as my mother always says, if you plan your actions for progressing, have plan a, b and c to get to the place you want to be.

Always remember that with great power comes great responsibility, and not everyone you have around or comes to you has the right foundation /value. Some are out there to find an easy way out by using you and destroy you if they are not doing well, so they wouldn't want you to be successful. You don't want people blocking your blessings. Also, continue to keep a clear mindset, help people who deserve it, and remove the people who bring you negativity.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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