The good and bad of babyshowers

By Beverline Timanoi Lenku | Wednesday, Feb 26th 2020 at 12:49
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The arrival of a newborn is a major life milestone that should be honored.

To honor that, relatives and friends of the new era mums gather to bestow gifts upon the expectant mother and her unborn child.

They also share a special cake and biting’s while disclosing experiences about mothering and childbirth.

Light-hearted games that relate to the baby shower are also played, not forgetting a lit photo session.

Baby showers also emphasize the goal of welcoming new parents into networks of social support in their new life.

Event organizers and photographers benefit the most from these baby showers, which are practically a rite of passage for any woman who is on the journey to motherhood.

The friends of the new mum are most of the time tasked with the preparation of the event if it is supposed to be a surprise.

They come up with a theme that is mostly determined by the gender of the child.

“During the baby shower the friends get a chance to meet after a long time of no see, they also share a meal and drinks as they counsel the new mum on what motherhood generally entails,” narrates Naomi Wacheke.

“Baby showers are meant to counsel and teach parents how to handle a newborn,” she adds.

However, critics of this “honorary” event claim that baby showers do not really give the mother what she needs.

“Yes, you will have bundles of gifts at the end of the day, but what really matters for a new mother is what happens when the baby is out,” explains Nancy Mutua, a pediatrician.

“Pregnant moms also don’t need to be bombarded with stories of breastfeeding failures, of cracked nipples and slow weight loss. Instead, they need to be encouraged,” she adds.

“They need to know that most women can breastfeed under almost any set of circumstances. They need to know that even though breastfeeding is a natural process, it doesn’t always come naturally. Having difficulty doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It means you are human. But new mothers also need to know that there is help out there,” she explains.

Nancy exudes to women that after the baby shower, they should follow up with the new mother to understand and help with her motherhood journey.

She also emphasizes that new mothers need to know that postpartum depression is real, and It doesn’t mean that those who experience are horrible mothers.

“Experiencing postpartum depression means you need the loving hands of your friends and relatives to get through it,” narrates Nancy.

“After the party’s, let’s remember that new mum needs help with running errands as they figure their new life’s rhythm. Let’s help the mums realize that they are awesome and generations of women before them made it through,” she adds.

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