10 reasons why your man has not been texting you for a while

By Bernice Mbugua | Wednesday, Feb 26th 2020 at 09:44
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Sometimes we ladies feel as if it’s the man’s responsibility to check up on us every time. Well, this man has an ego, and when the same energy is not being reciprocated, he prefers to take it elsewhere. What’s wrong with checking up on him, initiating that conversation, or hitting him up at work to check if he’s doing okay? If he’s ghosting you, maybe this is one of the reasons, and that man doesn’t want to feel as if he’s forcing himself on you.

Being dramatic

Do you sometimes feel like overreacting or creating a scene? Well, you better take a chill pill cause your man has had enough! Maybe you saw him talking to another shawty finer than you, or there’s this text from some girl that you saw pop up from his phone and the drama queen in you got elevated? You have to understand that he must interact with other women. He doesn’t want drama, no man wants drama, and he expects you to show him that you trust him. Go easy on him, approach him nicely, you know talk like two mature adults who understand that it is normal to get jealous. If you don’t turn a new leaf, then your man is ready to get a new woman.


He may be there for you when you’re having a rough time or has always been your knight in shining armor, but he doesn’t want to stress you up with his stress. He might want to share with you, but maybe you’ve previously shown him that you don’t care or you showed less concern. What’s the point of telling you? Some men distance themselves when they are stressed, so give him a little space or time or better still show him that you care, and you got him always.

Being Broke

Most ladies in this generation don’t want to be associated with a broke guy and the few who do, only for a little while. This guy needs to get his things together as opposed to telling you the truth or asking you for help. I mean, who does that? He’d rather ghost you than tell you. If your man is broke, why won’t you intervene?

No Vibe

You may have a pretty face and a figure that is out of this world, but that guy needs to feel your vibe. Your conversations are probably drier than most parts of the country, and you don’t know what he loves, or you just don’t have common interests. There’s definitely a shawty out there who he vibes with. Why stick around when there are greener pastures? Try today by checking out who Bruno Fernandes is, and you’ll definitely get your man text back within a fraction of a second.

Being Rude and Self Centered

Do you think the world revolves around you? No, Karen! He also wants to feel included. I mean it’s two-way traffic. He doesn’t like the way you’re rude to people, and he thinks you are mannerless. It could be that one person who has stepped on your shoe that you bought at 10k or it’s that ‘chokoraa’ who’s calling you auntie at CBD borrowing a mere 10 bob and you just hurl insults at them. He doesn’t want to be associated with negative vibes, so you better work on that mouth and also think about him for a minute.


Do you have a secret lover? Well, guess what, he knows your dirty little secret! He won’t even bother confronting you, better continue playing your little game because you have no game to play with him!

Exams and Work

He’s probably not as good at using a ‘mwakenya,’ so he reads every day and night. He doesn’t want distractions; the least he could do is make his parents proud with that pass. You better respect his decision and give him space; I mean, with a snack like you around, he’ll definitely get distracted. Maybe he also has this project and deadlines to meet, a week or two won’t hurt!

He wants to break up with you

Yes, honey, sometimes ghosting is a modest way of breaking up with someone. My sincere condolences in advance. He just doesn’t know how to break it to you, so you better figure out!

Bad Mood and Disagreements

He doesn’t want to say something that he’ll regret, so he wants to keep his cool. Don’t provoke him; just give him time to cool off if the relationship matters to you.


Well, it’s a wrap! While there are more reasons as to why he’s not texting you back, these are the main reasons. There might be others, but if this helps you rekindle your relationship, well and good, if it doesn’t well, at least now you’re in the know.


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