Kenya Prisons Suppliers stage demos in CBD in attempts to push for their unpaid billions

By Nzioka Justin | Tuesday, Feb 25th 2020 at 11:48
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Business people who had supplied goods and services to the Kenya Prisons Service in the past held protests around the Central Business District, in attempts to push the agency to pay them.

They allege that Kenya Prisons owes them up to Sh6.2 billion, which has been a result of accrual due to unpaid supplies since 2018.

Correctional Services Department has already stood the grounds terming the claim as illegal, and not befitting payment.

Already an audit report towards the said supply has alleged collusion between the suppliers who are said to be cunning and some workers in Kenya Prisons Service and the Correctional Department.

The audit report also points out how some corrupt staff from the said agency illegally issued payments to some suppliers, despite the lack of acceptance or inspection certificates as well as credit letters.

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