Kenyans react after china deploys 100,000 ducks in preparation for locust invasion

By Babu Tendu | Monday, Feb 24th 2020 at 13:22
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Hours after news broke on Monday, February 24, 2020, that china had deployed 100,000 ducks in preparation for locust invasion, Kenyans online had a lot to say.

The news was received by Kenyans who live in fear of the invasion as they watch locusts move from county to county within the country.

Many had questions like, was our own government prepared for the invasion? If not, why? And if they were, what went wrong?

China, which recently shocked many after they announced that they would build a 1000 bed hospital in six days, once again showed how quick they react to disasters.

Locust invasion has reportedly caused food shortage in India and Pakistan after swarms destroyed crops in the countries.

An action that has caused china to take these preventive measures.

Kenyans online, however, had a lot to say about these occurrences, in relation to Kenya’s current situation.

 Anthony Maingih John - These people are smart. I think it is high time we approach their loans with caution!

Munene wa Njeru - Kenya couldn't think of such a thing. Do we even have ducks in the country?

Njoroge - In Kenya instead, the ducks will be stolen and slaughtered.

Zack Njiru - in Kenya the procurement of the ducks will quote 100,000 ducks but 10,000 will be delivered,5000 ducks will go to someone’s farm and 300 will disappear under mysterious circumstances or a typing error.

Kevin Reis - In December the government said it was ready to combat the locust invasion, in January they said they are doing all they could in February they gave up and told us " watakufa tu juu wamezeeka"

Mukara Isaac - The government can invent means of harvesting the locust which can be processed into fish and chicken feeds.

Jandere Biochemist - I had also proposed the biological control method through the ministry of agriculture but seemingly nobody cares.

Bonny Main - Talk of real brains.... Then the ducks will be very healthy and will sire more ducks which in turn will be turned into their sumptuous meal.

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