Campus relationships: Don't be a husband to a girlfriend

By Valerie Kinoti | Monday, Feb 24th 2020 at 11:39
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I know all we talk about is don't be a wife to a boyfriend, and if I am not wrong, there is a book with that title, and I bet most ladies have read. I mean, which lady doesn't need something to quote when putting your point across.

It's in a man's nature to provide and all, but you don't need to pressure and stress about providing for your campus girl. You are both getting funding from your parents, HELB loan, or hustle if you are among the few who learnt the act of hustling early enough.

Yes, a good percentage of us get into a relationship with the hope and purpose of a future, but on the flip side, most campus relationships are never that serious. Most people hook up for all the wrong reasons.

Men! Men! Men! Take it as an advice from your girl here; If all she does is spend, spend & keep on spending and she is not contributing anything, if you are the one paying all the bills, that's your cue to run and run fast and don't look back lest you end up a broke, depressed young man.

A lady who is down for you will think growth for the two of you, sharing responsibilities and I am sure she will go like "babe, we don't need to live in that fancy expensive apartment, we can't be buying that at this stage in life" so on. If she can't afford it for herself, don't be pressured to afford it for her, period!

And dear brothers practice self-love before getting into a relationship and love is not all about the material stuff you can give, or you have to suffer in the name of love, buy her pizza, fries, etc. for lunch and have "kdf" and coffee for supper.

I mean, she's not an investment/asset that will add money to your account in some years to come. Just love yourself and don't play the husband's role to a girlfriend.

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