Census report: Over 33,000 Kenyans did not want to identify with any ethnic group

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Feb 22nd 2020 at 11:17
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The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics on Friday released three more reports of the 2019 Population and Housing Census.

According to the report on distribution of population by ethnicity, 33,538 people did not want to identify with any ethnic group while 183,023 stated that they are just Kenyans.

Kenya’s total population stands at 47,564, 296 which is inclusive of 463,562 non-Kenyans.

Kikuyu is the largest ethnic community with 8,148,668 people and the smallest is the Dahalo at 575.

The Luhya who are grouped into 19 sub-communities are the second-largest bloc with 6,823,842 people. They are followed by the Kalenjin who number 6,358,113.

At 5,066,966 people, the Luo take the fourth spot and Kamba’s 4,663,910 at fifth.

Kenyan Somali are 2,780,502 while the Kisii stand at 2,703,235. The Mijikenda are 2,488,691 and Meru 1,975,869.

Anticipating the heat that will come out of these results, National Treasury and Planning CS Ukur Yatani warned the media against being obsessed with the aspects of the report.

“I hope and it’s my belief that the Press will not only highlight about ethnicity. We believe in one country, one heritage, one heritage, one direction,” said Yatani, noting that Kenya had come of age.  

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