You don’t always have to fit in, do it for yourself

By Caroline Mochoge | Friday, Feb 21st 2020 at 10:16
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A couple of months back, I had a conversation with my peers, and what was clear is communication is the epitome of every healthy relationship.

Relationships are built through endless conversations, laughter, random talks, and bounded by love and trust. Through my twenty-something years of existence, I have learnt that peace of mind is everything.

Through listening to my friends, strangers in matatus, and even workspaces, I have realised that family/friends can build or destroy you.

In this century, most people don’t want to listen to each other, due to bruised egos, pride, and misunderstandings that would have been resolved instantly.

Toxic relationships stem from your environs, especially while growing up, thus affecting how we relate with our friends and even our spouses.

Unfortunately, there are signs that you can easily notice in toxic spaces from manipulation, to guilt-tripping, being judgmental as well as feeling unworthy.

The reason why most people stay in such spaces is due to fear, dependence, and fear of being lonely.

Mental health has been an ongoing discussion, both online and offline, and you will realise that most youth suffering from depression is due to toxic relationships.

Sadly, most people are drowning in drugs, influenced by peer pressure for a sense of belonging.

You can’t always get what you want, but it’s important to remind yourself that peace is everything. Cut of relationships that are unhealthy and that cause harm to your state of mind.

You don’t always have to fit in, and that’s why you are cut from a different cloth. Just do it for yourself and make it worth it.

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