Man in Lamu County sentenced to 10 years for sexually assaulting a minor

By Nzioka Justin | Wednesday, Feb 19th 2020 at 07:50
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A court based in Lamu on Tuesday slapped one Mr. Walladi Musa with a jail term of 10 years. This is after the accused was found guilty of sexually molesting an eight-year-old girl.

Magistrate Allan Temba got to know how the accused tricked the minor with Sh50 shortly after leaving the church, before sexually abusing her in Lamu town, Mkomani area on October 14, 2018.

Mr. Musa Walladi denied the charges against him, and instead, accused how some characters were out to fix him.

"I am not in any way involved and I don't even know the girl I am accused of defiling at my carpentry workshop. That's impossible since the workshop is a public place where I would have easily been caught. I even went to the girl's family to discuss the matter. I am innocent, I think some people persuaded the family to have me arrested," stated Mr. Walladi.

Although, Mr. Walladi's explanations and claims seemingly fell on deaf ears, after magistrate Allan Temba stated his satisfaction after several witnesses among them police and medics confirmed that the minor got defiled.

Magistrate Allan Temba added that he was convinced beyond doubts that the accused committed the act, thereby sentencing him under section 215 of the Criminal Act.

However, he [Mr. Temba] told the accused that he had up to 14 days, in case he wished to appeal against his sentencing.

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