EACC put Mike Sonko graft case witnesses under protection

By Nzioka Justin | Tuesday, Feb 18th 2020 at 15:48
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Those testifying against Governor Mike Sonko's graft case have now been put under witness protection by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

An anti-corruption watchdog on Tuesday revealed how the agency had been given the go-ahead by the High Court, to allow some witnesses to testify under protection, owing to the matter's sensitivity.

The case surrounding the misappropriation of Sh357 million, indicating governor Mike Sonko among others, was set for mention today, in the condition that EACC supplied the defense team with documents.

The protected witnesses would have to use pseudo-identities in their statements, in addition to testifying in closed doors, while hiding in boxes.

This decision was, however, protested by the team associated with Sonko, claiming they were unaware of the decision.

EACC and DPP have been blasted by the Sonko defense team for failure to disclose documentary evidence as required fully.

Lawyers Cecil Miller and George Kithi decried how EACC and DPP never complied with the court directive to supply Sonko and other suspects with evidence before the February 26, 2020 pre-trial.

Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti, also expressed his frustration over how EACC and DPP were frustrating the fast-tracking of graft cases through non-timely adherence to providing evidence as requested.

Mr. Douglas lamented the public outcry over the slow speed for graft cases' conclusion, terming it not a court's blame.

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