Woman who makes over Sh20,000 from grooming the dead

By Standard Reporter | Tuesday, Feb 18th 2020 at 12:23
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A woman in Malindi is earning a living from a rather bizarre hustle.

Tina Akelo, a beautician who owns a salon, also grooms the dead at a private mortuary in the town.

Speaking during an interview with KTN News reporter Tobias Chanji, Akelo said that she started the business in 2016 when she was called upon to groom her friend at the morgue.

Being her first time, she stated that the experience was somewhat uncomfortable but her work was so good that clients started streaming in.

“Her family bought everything I needed to prepare her for burial and I washed her and dressed her.

“I started receiving many calls since people liked how I did my work,” she said.

Akelo further stated that at the coast most families like to doll up their loved ones before burial and it might be one of the reasons why the business is quickly picking.

She makes between Sh20,000 – Sh25,000 per body and only works on female bodies.

Asked about her challenges, Akelo said that it is tough when she is working on someone then an accident happens and fresh bodies are brought in.

“I just try to remain strong and focus on my work…it is not easy,” she said.

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