I don’t accept hotel assault was a prank – China’s ambassador to Kenya

By Babu Tendu | Saturday, Feb 15th 2020 at 09:28
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China’s ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng on Friday, February 14, 2020, spoke publicly for the first time about the Kenyan employee assaulted at a Chinese hotel.

Speaking at a meeting convened by the Kenya Editors Guild (KEG) in Nairobi, the ambassador said that he did not accept the hotel’s management excuse that the act was a prank.

He explained that he asked one of his colleagues to call the hotel’s owner who gave explanations that the activity recorded on the video was part of a joke.

“I also asked my colleague to call the owner of the restaurant, of course, they gave me a lot of explanation, for example, they were just joking, no I totally don’t accept that” stated Wu Peng.

A day after the video of the Chinese Chef beating a Kenyan worker went viral, the worker’s supervisor, Dennis Omogah, came out and said that the incident recorded was a prank.

According to Omogah, Oseko wanted money to buy Muguka and dared the Chinese chef to stroke him after which he would give him money.

Muguka is a stimulant whose green leaves are chewed to achieve similar effects as those of khat or miraa

He added that before the beating, the chef had told him to go and pick money from the counter so that it is deducted from his salary at the end of the month.

Omogah added that Oseko did not like that option and insisted that the beating was the better option.

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