Six things you should do after a nasty breakup

By Hosea Namachanja | Friday, Feb 14th 2020 at 10:18
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When I’m dumped today…

It always feels sweet when you are in love, especially with a person whom you see as Miss or Mr right. As a normal routine, love texts, recorded WhatsApp love voices, walking together while holding each around the waist, shopping together, and buying the same colour shoes amongst others, but have you ever been dumped after enjoying all these funny moments with your lover? Just imagine you used to be called "bae, swirry, my sweetie chocolate, hunny," amongst other things, but later on, things morphed to "my ex, that dude, that chick “. It is so painful indeed for a one-time peacemaker and love promoter to be called such names. Otherwise, what I'm l talking about today? Don't guess, but let me grasp some ways and tips to follow after a break-up in love.

Don't hide your feelings

Many people, after love betrayal, do hide their feelings due to fear with a notion that they will be laughed at. No! That's not a solution. Love betrayal is real. If it's to cry bitterly, just cry (at an undisclosed place) to let it go. Holding pain in your heart is poison. It can cause trauma. If it's to share, don't share it with any person. Some may appreciate your break-up. Look for a good friend to share your problem with that you know will not laugh at you but guide you mentally and physically. Sharing reduces stress and gives a solution.

Don’t hurry to enter a new relationship or date a friend of your former lover

Many do see that the best remedy to release stress after a love break-up is to date a new person faster in order to forget the previous one. That's not the solution because love is premature. Many people get into relationships, and because they still have a painful heart, even before studying the behaviour of the new 'catch,' they easily get hurt again. These are just mere things which even don't require one to react on, and as a case, negative emotions and thoughts do rise, lowering one's self-esteem. Dating a friend of your former lover is just worsening things. What if the "former" later on hurt his/ her friend or you or both? Dating the former friend's friend is creating enmity, which usually takes years to be forgiven. It's very risky. Don't revenge after a break-up and accept rejection or break-up.

Don’t brand your former lover new names or phrases

Weak people revenge, intelligent people ignore, and strong people forgive. It's unethical to call your one-time happiness source "my ex, dog or other demeaning names". Who knows his/her tomorrow? Otherwise, even if you call such names, that won't change the person. Silence is the best weapon ever break-ups are there to teach as lessons and learn our mistakes in looking for partners.

Don't make conclusions by yourself faster without sharing to a correct friend or person to give you his/her opinion

Conclusions from many people are usually hounding. Some do find suicide as the best remedy; others resign from a job; others impose their wrath on friends or children, which causes more commotion. Those are innocent people and were not there when you two started dating. Give them peace. Don't include them in your game. Their league is different. Why hurt innocent souls? Learn to control your temper.

Take a deep breath and a cup of water

In case your frontal lobe is full of chunking information, and of course, it's a MUST, in the evening before you take forty winks, take a deep breath to cool your heart pressure and add cold water some sips to refresh your mind back to normal. While sleeping, claim to your worthy that, good things are on the way, it happened with a purpose.

Pray about the scene

It's great to pray. You never know. Either your faith is being tempted. Pray to God to show you the way forward and grant you peace of mind. If you are being tempted, answers will be out. If the lover was not meant for you, doors will open for you and get the BEST one in your life.

In conclusion, the heart of a persaon is not a playground where one plays rough games to hurt the peaceful one(s). Don't chase somebody with one intention, "hit and disappear." If you want to choose, choose the best one. Karma is real.

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