Valentine’s Day: Sonko’s love message to Nairobians

By Vincent Kejitan | Friday, Feb 14th 2020 at 10:15
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Embattled Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Friday penned a message to Nairobians declaring his unending love for them.

Despite having a topsy-turvy couple of months, Sonko stated that Nairobians are still in his thoughts and he is happy to serve them.

“To the Great people of Nairobi just want you to know, you are always in my thoughts and heart.

"It has been true love since you first elected me as MP, Senator and now Governor. You have been my heartbeat and I love you so much.

“Am happy to be your Governor,” he wrote.

Sonko also took a dig at those in polygamous relationships advising them to balance their time wisely to ensure all involved parties are well-taken care of.

“To those who have more than one wife/hubby or girlfriend/boyfriend like.... please I beg you try to balance na upatie wote the love they deserve.

“It's very simple. Just pangeni timetable at least you spend 4 hours with each and they'll be happy.

“May this day be the Happiest Valentine's Day to you all. I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH,” he said.

Valentine’s, marked on February 14 every year, is associated with love and many people demonstrate their affection in various ways.

Some buy flowers, chocolates, jewellery or take their partners out for dinner dates all in a bid to demonstrate love.

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