My first Valentine's day story

By Robert shuggy | Friday, Feb 14th 2020 at 10:00
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It was on 14th February 2016, and by then, I was working at Garden city mall Bigsquare as a Barista.

There was a lady I had met on social media, and we had talked to about half a year.

So I decided to give her a date on this day because I was on the morning shift, and my shift was to end at 3 pm. I suggested that she be there at 3 pm.

At 3:06 pm she arrived, I changed and took her to KFC, between me and poverty I had only 500 shillings which I intended to use as transport from Kawangware to work.

So, we checked on the menu, and surprisingly, what she ordered summed up to exactly what was in my pocket.

She convinced me to take even a soda or water, but I declined. "My stomach has a problem. I can't take anything now," I said... I wish she knew what was running in my mind at the moment.

After a brief talk, I took her to the bus stop, and she went back to Thika. I started my journey to Nairobi on foot.

I arrived at the kencom bus stop very tired and dusty. I recall the only thing in my pocket was a tissue paper. I took it, wiped my shoes, and continued with my journey to Kawangware.

Along Kenyatta Avenue, I saw a beggar, and something crossed my mind. "how will you reach home and come back to work tomorrow?"

I quickly dipped my hand in my pocket and folded it nicely as if it had some coins and then dipped in the beggar's cup full of coins came out with four twenty coins (80Bob).

And walked quickly, I doubt if she noticed that. I took a matatu at Serena then boom I was in the house.

Whenever I go out with my girlfriend on Valentine's day, this story comes up in my mind. The good thing is we are still together.

Last year I shared with her the story, and she laughed her ribs out.

This is my valentine's day story.

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