Two Kenyan women conning citizens on non-existing jobs nabbed at CBD

By Fay Ngina | Wednesday, Feb 12th 2020 at 10:34
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The Directorate of Criminal Investigations on Tuesday February 11 arrested two women suspected of conning Kenyans on non-existing jobs.

The two suspects, Faith Ndunge and Wendy Mueni were arrested at the interfina building, located between Ronald Ngala and Tom Mboya street while conducting the interviews.

According to the DCI, several Kenyans who fell for the trick were responding to an advert placed in one of the local newspapers.

“Unaware of the con trick, a number of unsuspecting members of the public who were responding to an advert alert in a daily newspaper had made their way to the venue with their filled application forms,” said the DCI.

Among the items collected during the arrest included ID copies of various Kenyans, application and appointment forms, interview schedules and thousands of Kenyan Shillings in cash.

The two women were booked in cells to allow the DCI to conduct further investigations.

Most Kenyans on social media thanked the DCI for arrested the con women, but some wondered why fake job adverts get into the dailies in the first place.

Martin Opile on twitter says, “Well, but how do such adverts find their way to the daily papers? Can't these papers authenticate whatever they want to feed the public with.”

Others said that most Kenyan youth fall for such adverts as the rate of unemployment in the country is rampant.

Henry Walter says, “Be a little considerate of the young unemployed youth going through the frustrations of being conned by such people.”

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