Dating in Marriage

By Kanjagua Mugambi | Tuesday, Feb 11th 2020 at 10:58
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Dating is the most interesting part of a relationship filled with love and random dates, walks, movie nights, games, and moments when you sit and remember your childhood and laugh your heart out.

Remember the days when you used to take long walks, have fun movie nights, games, and moments of laughter together? Do you remember the effect it used to have?

I am reminded of the old cars, which, when it runs out of fuel, it developed mechanical problems (engine inaingiza baridi). After refueling, it has to be pushed to start (kushtua).

Some marriages ziliingiza baridi and need to be pushed to restart. Before we excert an external push, there needs to be proper prior internal preparation for the engine to come back to life.

Guys, why don't we challenge ourselves this week and take our ladies for dinner and make them feel appreciated?

Ladies why don't you plan a picnic for the two of you and just take a walk and enjoy the moments.

Let's restart these engines, an external push is being organized and soon we will jumpstart all of them into creating new memories.

Let's have the conversation on making love, relationship and marriage a desirable institution.

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