Mum and dad admit throwing newborn baby in river as police find tiny boy\'s body

By Mirror | Tuesday, Feb 11th 2020 at 09:30
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A mother who had just given birth has confessed to throwing her newborn baby son into a river.

The 23-year-old woman had called an ambulance in the Spanish town of Palencia, where paramedics found she had given birth.

But there was no baby at the home.

The woman told ambulance workers and police she had given birth on Saturday, February 8, but had thrown the baby into a container and then left him in a bin on an industrial estate.

Despite extensive searches, no baby was found and the woman was questioned again

At the police station both the baby's mother and father, 29, admitted they lied about when the baby was born, and said the baby was buried.

Police went out again to search the new location, before the pair admitted they had actually thrown the baby in the Carrión river.

The body of the baby was eventually found and the mother admitted to giving birth on Tuesday, January 28.

The new parents have been detained and are awaiting court appearances.

The baby's name, and that of his parents, have not been released.

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