Ten reasons why many Kenyan men will give Valentine Day a wide-berth

By Silas Nyamweya | Monday, Feb 10th 2020 at 15:21
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Valentine's day is finally here with us, but many Kenyans will be going about their usual rendezvous, not being bothered an inch about what the day carries. Precisely, many will not bother wearing red, buying flowers, chocolates or other gifts or even being near their spouses. A lot of men, for example, have already organized for the imaginary men's conference meeting, backed with a full program with agenda and keynote speakers. Others will also have excuses like being tied at work, or feign sickness just to stay indoors. Below are ten reasons why Kenyans will give Valentine a wide-berth.

1. Budget Constraints/Bad Economy

For many, today's Kenyan economy is not friendly towards such "luxuries" as Valentine. In this sense, these dudes will find that buying flowers, chocolates, red clothes, or arranging for an outing are expenses that may not add value to their lives. The situation is made worse by "Njaanuary blues," which many people are still reeling from. Having come out of January hardships, many Kenyans are very keen on how they are going to use their money lest they fall into the same traps as those of January.

2. No Time

Since the day is not a public holiday, those employed will be expected to report to work as usual. Their usual reporting time is 8 am, and closing is by 5 pm. For these chaps, it would have been better if the government considered this day a public holiday to enable them to celebrate with their loved ones. By the time they come home from work, these people will be already tired so they would not be able to take their wives for an outing.

3. Alien Culture

For other Kenyans, Valentine is an alien culture that should not be taken seriously by Africans.

They are wondering some people are keen on imitating "useless" European habits from soap operas. "How do you expect me to go kneel down in front of my wife and give her flowers?" a chap will ask.

4. Singleness/Hakuna Mshikaji

There are many people who are single by choice and others by default, and hence, they don't have their partners. With a clear understanding that they are unable to meet the demands of today's slay queens, some chaps have decided to maintain singleness so as to avoid the usual "pressures" typical in relationships.

5. Long-Distance Relationship

Some people work outside the country, and in this regard, they will not avail themselves to celebrate with their partners during the day. This will force the partners to give the day a wide-berth due to their partner's unavailability. To keep themselves busy, these people will be watching Afro-cinema movies in their houses the whole day.

6. Not Happy with their partners

Those who are in an unhappy relationship will also find it problematic to celebrate their partners during this day. "Why should I celebrate with someone I am not happy about," some dude asked this writer. Instead, they will be as far away from the scene as possible. They will also use this absence as punishment to their partners for whatever wrong they might have done to them.

7. Multiple Partners/Mipango ya Kando

Those with a myriad of mipango ya kandos understand that they will have the trouble of balancing their women and so they will be hiding in Men's Conferences rooms and other caves. They will only resurface when the Valentine dust is over.

8. Moi's death

Yes, some men will outrightly blame Moi's death on their unpreparedness for Valentine's occasion. Since they are still reeling from Mr. Moi's loss, they are not in the "mood" to celebrate anything. For these dudes, they are still in a state of mourning since Valentine's come two days after Moi's burial. 

9. The Need to be Reciprocated

Some men have been treating their women for several years, and for this time around, they will be waiting to see if their women can treat them as well. In this regard, they will simply pretend that they have no plan in place just to see what their women will be up to.

10. No clue

There are some Kenyan men who have no clue of what this Valentine is or how it should be celebrated. For these guys, the day is unnecessarily overrated, yet it does not have any significance to them or their lives. Such people would definitely need lessons for them to understand this day and what it's about. 

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