South African MP shocked by Kenya’s nominated senator’s lifestyle after visit

By Babu Tendu | Friday, Feb 7th 2020 at 12:21
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Hours after landing in Kenya, South African Member of Parliament Nqabayomzi Kwankwa was quick to notice the lavish lifestyle of Kenyan legislators.

The South African MP took to social media on Thursday, February 6, 2020, in an attempt to protest his own treatment as a legislator in South Africa.

Kwankwa highlighted the presence of a driver, bodyguard, personal assistant, researcher, communications officer and administration assistant at the disposal of a Kenyan MP as the upside of being a Kenyan MP, resources that are not available to South African legislators.

“MPs here have a driver, a bodyguard, a PA, a researcher, a communication officer & an admin assistant, In SA, we fend for ourselves. We don’t even have PAs” posted Nqabayomzi.

The South African politician explained that he spent the day with nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura, from whom he learnt that he was a legislator in the wrong country.

“Spending a day with Hon. Dr Mwaura today in Nairobi, I realized that I am an MP for a wrong country” he added.

The post elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans and South Africans who had a lot to say on the topic.

Sharon Nembaleni - I don’t believe this. How can you praise such wastage? Have you not seen the poverty and absolute desperation of the citizens of the state you are visiting? Have you not seen how our fallow African brothers are suffering under these useless politician friends of yours.

Bantu Holomisa - Tshawe I understand your frustration but Kenya has been there long before us. However, we may have to benchmark with Kenya. Although we are renowned with the best constitution in the continent or world but the support systems to SA MPs are a challenge.

Banyise Khongolose bakuzwa ngendaba - Y'all are overpaid you can hire your own stuff if you want to.

Luke Kaboo - Compare the economies of both countries, that when you realize Kenya is not a country.

Mariga Thoithi - That really isn't aspirational. Members of parliament in Kenya are heavily overpaid and underworked. They don't need bodyguards and PAs. They're barely doing any actual work in a country that's struggling. They don't have these perks because of our willingness but their greed.

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