You better hang around men – Akothee’s advice to Rue Baby

By Rose Murugi | Friday, Feb 7th 2020 at 09:15
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Singer Akothee has advised her daughter Rue Baby to try and have more male friends. She commented on social media after Rue baby posted a picture of herself with MCA tricky and was wishing him a happy birthday. Akothee emphasized that women are usually quick to get jealous, and some may not always have the best intentions for their friends.

“You better hang around men my dear darling, I am always worried seeing you with a bunch of women, women are naturally jealous, and you can’t control.” She said.

The musician, cum entrepreneur, encouraged her daughter to introduce more male friends to her. Akothee insisted that male friends are the best to have because they will stick around and be there for years to come.

“Introduce as many boyfriends to me as possible, trust me that they will always be there for you, wishing one day you might say yes ooh wishing your partner in crime a happy birthday too.” The musician said.

Model Rue Baby, also known as Aggrey Dion Okello, has grown closer to MCA tricky and calls him cousin. They have been shooting comedy videos together in MCA tricky’s YouTube channel. She was among the first to wish the comedian a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday to my partner in crime. In you I found a friend and a good one..may you live longer and happier@mcatricky.” She said.

Birthday wishes from fans poured in, with some demanding to be informed whether there is something going on between MCA tricky and Rue Baby.

Singer Akothee, who speaks her mind, has also been very vocal in admonishing fake bloggers who have in the past covered untrue stories about her and her family members. On February 3rd, she called out a blogger who published a fake story that MCA tricky and Rue Baby had been involved in a horrific accident.

“This thing almost made me pee on myself, I almost caused an accident myself. Who are these idiots wishing my children bad luck? These fake bloggers I will bank lots of your money this year, just continue ranting for likes and comments, I will catch up with you in a few,” she said on social media.

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