Advice to Kenyan men: Why we should empower our wives

By Nickson Bokello | Thursday, Feb 6th 2020 at 12:38
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Today's society seems reluctant to invest in wives due to their own inward insecurities. But have you ever wondered if your wife can afford that seemingly comfortable life you have put her in your absence? If something fatal happens to you today, can that wife you have enslaved in your house take care of your children and secure them a bright future?

We need a very sober and honest conversation to address this issue conclusively. Your wife needs to be your life partner and next of kin. You need to work collaboratively and grow together.

It's pointless to keep your wife in the house yet she has some academic qualifications or skills that can help her gain exposure or develop herself positively.

Worst is to keep your wife ignorant of your business and property, in that when you die abruptly, all you had built for years is lost or crumbles spontaneously.

Friends and relatives might laugh at you when you take your wife back to school. But know they will laugh even more if, after your death, your wife will be unable to sustain herself and your children and will be forced to relocate in the village to her parents.

People will wonder why with all the money and influence you had, you couldn't secure a position for your wife or even sponsor her for a basic ECD course.

We might have had a few cases of spouses who were sent to colleges or universities and ended up turning against their partners, but we should overlook such and think about our children in our absence.

Let's educate and empower wives through academics, business, or any other sustainable ventures that can assure them survival in the absence of their husbands, whether temporarily through sickness or permanently through death. We must live today, but think about tomorrow.

Our children will definitely need someone who can provide for them a decent life compared to endless begging from in-laws for survival.

If we empower our wives, we would have empowered our kids and removed shame from our faces, even in death.

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